Laura Winn Kane is originally from Liverpool, New York. From 1995- 2013 she lived and worked in Central Pennsylvania. Laura relocated to Burlington, Vermont in 2013 and paints from her in-home studio. She is a Juried Member of the International Guild of Realism, a Juried Associate Member of the Pastel Society of America and a Signature Member of the Central Pennsylvania Pastel Society. The artist's other affiliations include the Adirondack Pastel Society, Connecticut Pastel Society, Degas Pastel Society, Vermont Pastel Society, and the Art Alliance of Central Pennsylvania where she has served as a board member, has taught and has mentored high school students interested in the arts. Laura's work has been exhibited and won awards nationally and is held in private collections throughout the United States.

The artist finds working from life subjects invigorating in both its immediacy and intimacy. She does not try to recreate any particular period or style. She feels a need to explore the relationships between individual objects and their surroundings and sometimes enjoys emphasizing an equal importance of these components.

"People are surrounded by things that may be utilitarian, practical or merely decorative. An object may be selected for its design, function, color, or as a souvenir that evokes a memory. We arrange them about us to make our surroundings more functional, comforting or beautiful. Because of this, things may become precious. I celebrate this notion in my work. I often render subjects larger-than-life to monumentalize their individual qualities and reflect my interest in details people may miss or take for granted. I sometimes treat them like stage performers in a tableau scene that may tell a story."

Laura's goal is to create works that will inspire viewers to consider the relationships with their own surroundings or just appreciate the beauty around us. If you have a cherished object you'd like monumentalized, need a special gift or simply desire a painting to fit your decor, please feel free to contact the artist at to discuss commissioning a piece of original art that suits your budget. Work created this way is a pleasure for the artist since she'll know the piece will hold special meaning for its owner.

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